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In 2010, Fillmore Construction learned about Carter Haddrell, a young boy affected by global developmental delay. In a letter, Carter’s mother outlined the difficulties of caring for her son in a house that was completely unequipped for a child with extensive mobility issues. Despite having a grant to get the necessary renovations done, the Haddrell’s were left with no one to execute the work after the first contractor backed out of the project. Despite the fact that Fillmore Construction does not traditionally work on residential projects, they made a special exception for the Haddrell family realizing that they could make a major difference in the quality of life for Carter and his family.

Fillmore Construction helped build a washroom that Carter could use, a vertical elevator on the deck, and widened all the doorways, making Carter’s home an easier place for him to live in. Thanks to the donated time and materials of the individuals listed below, there was $20,000 left over from the grant, which Fillmore Construction was able to donate to the MS Society

Terrawerx Mechanical Ltd – Ben Bennetti & Craig Nedve
Edmonton Electric – Steve Smith
Nelson Lumber – Walter Neufeld
Gienow Glass – Rick Zolmer